About CompSeats

CompSeats headquarters are located in Franklin, TN.  We are a subscription-based ticketing company that works to secure access to complimentary tickets for a variety of entertainment options in the Nashville area.  Offers include concerts, live theater, sporting events, comedy shows, local attractions, festivals, special events and more!  Our team takes pride in our integrity and we simply love what we do!

A yearly subscription service that gives you the power to reserve...for FREE.

For a quick 90-second explanation of who we are and what we do, click on the "What Is CompSeats?" video.

Here's Some Of The Feedback We've Received:

Tyrone S.

"Wow.  Can't imagine being without this membership.  Keep up the good work!"

"This has been amazing.  My roommate told me about COMPSEATS and we've been having so much fun going to new places!"

Emily P.
Sasha M.

"Unbeatable value.  There's something for everyone.  Over and over again."